Eartheater announces new LP on PAN, Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin





Centred around guitar and acoustic compositions.

Eartheater, aka Alexandra Drewchin, is releasing a new album called Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin, via PAN this October.

Drewchin composed the majority of Phoenix following a ten-week residence for FUGA in Zaragoza, Spain, channeling her sense of isolation into guitar and acoustic instrument-rooted pieces.

Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin draws a path back to the primordial lava lake from which she first emerged,” shares PAN.

It follows the label’s release of Arca’s 2013 mixtape &&&&& on vinyl for the first time.

Head here to pre-order a copy in advance of Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin’s 2nd October release, and check out the tracklist below.


1. Airborne Ashes
2. Metallic Taste of Patience
3. Below The Clavicle
4. Burning Feather
5. How To Fight
6. Kiss Of The Phoenix
7. Volcano
8. Fantasy Collision
9. Mercurial Nerve
10. Goodbye Diamond
11. Bringing Me Back
12. Diamond In The Bedrock
13. Faith Consuming Hope

Banner photo: Daniel Sannwald