Dengue Dengue Dengue explore Afro-Peruvian musical heritage on Zenit & Nadir





Synthesizing traditional Iandó, festejo and crioullo rhythms.

Peruvian duo Dengue Dengue Dengue have announced the release of new album Zenit & Nadir via Enchufada this October.

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Drawing on electric cumbia, psych, kuduro and zouk influences in their previous work, the band has turned their attention to the Afro-Peruvian heritage of their homeland.

For Zenit & Nadir, the band collaborated with the Ballumbrosio family – a Peruvian musical dynasty responsible for keeping traditional rhythms alive, tapping into landó, festejo and crioullo music and the iconic quijada – a rattling percussive instrument made out of a donkey’s jawbone.

The album follows Dengue Dengue Dengue’s Semillero EP, released by On The Corner, which was featured in our favourite 12”s of 2018.

Zenit & Nadir will be released on 4th October via Enchufada. Head here for more info, and check out the artwork and tracklist below.


01. Ágni
02. Decajón (feat. Prisma & Martin Boder)
03. El Cavilante (feat. Sara Van & Mikongo)
04. Jarana y Tundete
05. Llæ
06. Coimu Gqoimu
07. Lagos
08. The Invisible Ones (feat. Kalaf)
09. Banyuwangi
10. Pacos (feat. Prisma)
11. Guayabo
12. Coyurriti

Photos by Jahel Guerra & Daniela Carvalho