Dal:um craft meditative gayageum and geomungo compositions on debut LP





Excavating the capabilities of stringed instruments.

Korean duo Dal:um are releasing their debut album, titled Similar & Different, via Glitterbeat Records offshoot tak:til this June.

Dal:um is formed of zither players Ha Suyean (on gayageum) and Hwang Hyeyoung (on geomungo).

Similar & Different sees the duo exploring both the similarities and differences of the traditional Korean stringed instruments, as well the silence and spaces between notes.

“Dal:um’s music comes from ‘emptiness’,” explains Hyeyoung. “We’ve been working to create a balance between the original sound of silk strings and the beauty of emptiness.”

Similar & Different follows Glitterbeat’s release of Altin Gün’s Yol album — one of our favourite records from February.

Pre-order Similar & Different here in advance of its 25th June release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Dasreum
2. TAL
3. Shadow Play
4. Trace
5. The Waves
6. The Collapsing Time

Photo by: Kim Shin Joong