Bokeh Versions to reissue Jonah Dan’s Intergalactic Dub Rock on vinyl for the first time



“A staggering work of cosmic steppas vision.”

Originally released in 1995, Jonah Dan’s opus Intergalactic Dub Rock is being reissued on vinyl for the first time, via Bokeh Versions this August.

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The album follows Bokeh Versions rerelease of Tradition’s Captain Gangja and the Space Patrol, one of our favourite reissues of 2017.

It features 10 tracks, including guest appearances from Jahmaine Cox and Julian Ryan.

Intergalactic Dub Rock is out 1st June on Bokeh Versions; listen to ‘Genesis’ and check out the track list below.


1. Jonah Dan – Inter-Galactic Dub Rock
2. Jonah Dan – Inter-Galactic Dub Rock (Verse 2)
3. Jonah Dan – Black Void
4. Jonah Dan + Julian Ryan – Galactic Light
5. Jonah Dan – Angelic (Zion) Symphany (Zebby Tafari Special)
6. Jahmaine Cox + Jonah Dan – Inter-Panetary
7. Jonah Dan – Wah Do Dem Dub
8. Jonah Dan – Wah Do Dem Dub (Verse 2 Mix)
9. Jahmaine Cox + Jonah Dan – Genesis
10. Jonah Dan – Midnite