Björk composes AI-assisted choral score for NYC hotel



Reacting to flocks of birds, the density of clouds, and barometric pressure.

Björk has developed an AI-assisted score, called Kórsafan, to be played in the lobby of New York’s Sister City hotel.

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In composing the score, Björk looked to her archive of choral arrangements, with some compositions performed by Iceland’s Hamrahlid Choir – which Björk herself was once a member of.

Using a camera perched on top of Sister City to scan the skyline, the AI will select sections from these recordings based on weather changes, the type and density of clouds, the migration patterns of birds, barometric pressure, and each sunrise and sunset.

Björk recently released a Utopia box set featuring 14 handmade birdcall flutes – one of our favourite packaging of 2019.

Head here to listen to Kórsafan.