Yo Selector! with Moses Boyd



The London drummer and producer inaugurates our new short film series.

Yo Selector! is here and ready to take you into the deepest corners of your favourite DJ’s record bag.

From the weirdest bargain bin finds, to the juciest slow jams, rarest samples and stone-cold floor-emptiers, every DJ has his or her own individual approach to building a set. It’s these records that we’re setting out to discover and share with you.

To get us underway, we teamed up with Dimensions Festival over the summer to meet a handful of the selectors and artists who helped shape the eclectic and open-minded line-up.

First up, it’s jazz drummer, producer and South London all-rounder Moses Boyd, who shot to prominence in 2016 with his Four Tet and Floating Points-mixed ‘Rye Lane Shuffle’, before releasing his follow up EP Absolute Zero with The Vinyl Factory this summer.

Add to that his Binker & Moses project, which is one of our favourite albums of the year so far, and production work on Zara McFarlane’s new Brownswood LP Arise, and it becomes clear that Moses’ musical output is as varied as the records he DJs with.

Touching on everything from Bulgarian choir music to Ginuwine, get your track IDs at the ready for Yo Selector! with Moses Boyd.

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