Watch our short film exploring vinyl culture in Bogotá





Digging in the Colombian capital.

Having visited Hawaii, Lisbon, Istanbul and Bangkok, our Vinyl Culture series returns with a trip to Colombian capital Bogotá.

Located between the Caribbean and the Amazon, Colombia is a country with a rich natural and cultural history. Its musical heritage is equally varied, and takes many guises, whether in the colourful pico sound system culture of Barranquilla in the north, or the vibrant techno scene connecting with Latin America and beyond from the inland town of Medellín.

It’s in the country’s bustling capital city Bogotá however that we find Colombia’s musical home – a melting pot of cultures and influences, from Afro-Colombian rhythms to fuzzed-out psychedelic guitar music, lilting to the increasingly global sound of cumbia.

It’s no secret that the Colombian capital’s record scene is thriving, as local and international collectors trawl its record shops, and collectives emerge championing social justice and societal change through music.

For this short film, producer and musician N. Hardem leads us through a selection of the city’s record shops – including the extraordinary shoe and vinyl emporium Zapateria Cosmos – before meeting a cross section of the city’s artists and musicians like DJ Blanko, Mateo Rivano, Mario Galeano and all-female DJ collective Rulos Vinyl Club.


Film by Santiago Morales
Narration by N. Hardem


Elquin Torres (Zapateria Cosmos)
DJ Blanko
Mateo Rivano
Jacob Vargas (Interdiscos)
Rulos Vinyl Club
Mario Galeano

Music by:

Nelda Piña y La Boa
Fumaça Preta
Celia Cruz
Frente Cumbiero & Mad Professor
Los Pirañas
N. Hardem x Aven Rec