VF Mix 107: Harold Budd by John Foxx



Two ambient heavyweights converge.

“True minimalism is concerned with isolating something dignified and beautiful, presenting it without unnecessary additions, so you can fully appreciate it,” says John Foxx, whose career since Ultravox has seen him explore the photographic and sonic permutations of ambient music.

Entering the minimalist canon with Cathedral Oceans over 20 years ago, Foxx has more recently seen a trio of albums with Harold Budd and Ruben Garcia (Nighthawks, Translucence, and Drift Music) collected on vinyl, and it’s here that Foxx has chosen to focus this fantastic new mix.

“Really I’m Harold’s apprentice,” says Foxx. “Along with Satie, he taught me almost everything I know about this kind of music. What you really look for – that instant when something magical and mysterious crystallizes in the air.”

Charting a course through Budd’s ‘soft pedal’ piano playing, from solo works to collaborations with Brian Eno, Foxx has delivered one of the most time-expanding mixes we’ve had the pleasure to host. An honour to spend time with two minimalist masters, delve into the 40 minute selection below:


01. Reini (Harold Budd) + Stepping Sideways (Harold Budd & John Foxx)
02. Resonant Frequency (Harold Budd & John Foxx) + Implicit (Harold Budd & John Foxx)
03. Avenue of Shapes (Harold Budd & Robin Guthrie) + She Is My Strength (Harold Budd & Robin Guthrie)
04. Her Face (Harold Budd)
05. Subtext (Harold Budd & John Foxx)
06. Their Memories (Harold Budd & Brian Eno) + A Stream With Bright Fish (Harold Budd & Brian Eno)
07. Spoken Roses (Harold Budd & John Foxx)
08. Tong War (Harold Budd) + The Rose (Harold Budd)
09. The Rose (Harold Budd) + Momentary Architecture (Harold Budd & John Foxx)
10. An Arc Of Doves (Harold Budd & Brian Eno) + Olancha Farewell (Harold Budd) + Fugitive Desire (Harold Budd & John Foxx & Ruben Garcia)
11. Among Fields Of Crystal (Harold Budd & Brian Eno)
12. A Walk In The Park With Nancy (In Memory) (Harold Budd ) + Nec Metus (Harold Budd)

John Foxx, Harold Budd & Ruben Garcia’s Translucence/Drift Music/Nighthawks is out now on 3xLP vinyl via Demon Music.