Romantic Works

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Romantic Works

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* Keaton Henson’s original album ‘Romantic Works’ plus 3 bonus tracks.
* 180-gram heavyweight vinyl
* Full colour sleeve
* Artwork by Keaton Henson

The unexpectedness surrounding the Romantic Works release has only fortified Keaton’s reputation as a mysterious, unpredictable artist. It’s a remarkable album that grew organically – Keaton found himself  writing instrumental pieces and, despite his musical illiteracy, taught  himself the art of orchestration and arrangement. Taking inspiration from the repetitive simplicity of Arvo Pärt, Phillip Glass and Henryk  Goreck and the instrumentation of Edward Elgar, the beautiful collection articulates stories that Keaton could not translate into words.

Dubbed “bedroom classical”, the album was recorded entirely in Keaton’s small flat in London, with Keaton teaching himself the art of orchestration and arrangement (despite not being able to read or write music), and collaborating with close friend and guildhall virtuoso cellist Ren Ford. Throughout, the idea was to make “classical” music without pretence or ornate concept; to articulate the stories even Keaton struggled to put  into words through instrumental music instead.

As an album, ‘Romantic Works’ is a bold and idiosyncratic crossover of indie and classical, and another twist in the career of this unpredictable young singer, songwriter, visual artist and poet.


Side A
1. Preface
2. Elevator Song
3. Healah Dancing
4. Field
5. Josella

Side B
6. Petrichor
7. Earnestly Yours
8. Nearly Curtains
9. Emissary
10. La Naissance (bonus track)
11. Elevator Song – Ulrich Schnauss remix (bonus track)