Ryoji Ikeda cover

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FACT Magazine - Autumn/Winter 2020

Ryoji Ikeda cover


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* Fact returns to print as a new large format bi-annual magazine
* First issue features four different covers: Ryoji Ikeda, Kelsey Lu, Pan Daijing, Kahlil Joseph
* Extensive Ryoji Ikeda interview by Ralph Rugoff
* Kelsey Lu interviewed by Kimberly Drew, photographed by Campbell Addy
* Exclusive 40-page BLKNWS artistic intervention by Kahlil Joseph
* Pan Daijing interviewed by Thea Ballard, photographed by Matt Lambert
* Features on Kampala’s Nyege Nyege, Shanghai’s SVBKVLT and Berlin Atonal’s collectives
* Profiles of polymath performers Cecilia Bengolea and Jamila Johnson-Small
* In-depth articles about emerging new talent including Julian Knxx and Freeka Tet
* Art direction by Zak Studio
* 280-pages, 240x305mm
* Release date: 17/11/2020

Published bi-annually, Fact magazine celebrates the new wave of artists, performers and producers spearheading a global cultural movement – commissioning a diverse community of writers, image makers and artists to create striking, long-form content. Operating at the convergence of electronic music and audio-visual art, technology and creativity, fact and fiction, Fact will champion those creatives shaping our future.

The first issue’s three cover stars – Ryoji Ikeda, Kelsey Lu, Pan Daijing – are emblematic of this paradigm shift: multidisciplinary auteurs, resolutely independent, pioneers in both sound and vision. As are other groundbreaking artists featured in this issue – be they the visionary image maker Kahlil Joseph, who contributes a fourth cover and exclusive ‘artistic intervention’ inspired by his BLKNWS project, or uncompromising innovators re-imagining dance such as Jamila Johnson-Small and Cecilia Bengolea, or creative mercenaries hacking the worlds of music and high fashion such as Freeka Tet.

These futurists aren’t limited to the traditional enclaves either –  within these pages you’ll find inspiring stories of collectives from Kampala, Shanghai and St Petersburg breaking with the past and constructing new beginnings.

This issue launches in advance of Fact presenting two new exhibitions at its London HQ, 180 The Strand – an immersive multi-work A/V show by Ryoji Ikeda and the UK premiere of Kahlil Joseph’s necessary BLKNWS.

In 2021, Fact will launch Fact Space at 180- bringing together celebrated artists and emerging talent with the ambition of building upon the success of previous exhibitions at 180, including The Infinite MixOther Spaces by UVA and Love Is the Message by Arthur Jafa.