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Monkey Journey To The West

Monkey Black


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Signed, numbered and limited to 2,000 copies worldwide, each edition contains a set of four exclusive Jamie Hewlett giclee prints, a hardback art book and 200-gram super heavyweight vinyl album

*Black cloth-bound box foiled on cover and spine.
*Four exclusive Jamie Hewlett giclee art prints on Somerset archival paper, each stamped and numbered, one signed and dated.
*Housed in a red, gold-foiled folio.
*Black cloth-bound hardback 84-page art book containing exclusive Jamie Hewlett artwork, sketches and illustrations.
*Book also houses two super-heavyweight 200-gram vinyl LPs, containing six bonus tracks not available on the commercial release. Pressed on the classic EMI 1400, with one-side especially etched.
*The first 500 customers to pre-order/order the Box Set will also receive a custom-made special limited edition Monkey Om Box, with tones composed by Damon Albarn and artwork designed by Jamie Hewlett.
*This beautifully produced collectible edition is limited to just 2,000 copies worldwide.
*The box set is shipped with insurance up to the value of £500. If the value of the order exceeds this please contact [email protected]


Double Vinyl Album tracklist:

1. 5 Point Star 6:02
2. Monkeys World 2.32
3. Monkey Travels 0.33
4. Into The Eastern Sea 0.34
5. Living Sea Introduction 0.49
6. The Living Sea 1.52
7. The Dragon King 1.54
8. Iron Rod 1.04
9. The Dragon Queen 1.34
10. Out of the Eastern Sea 0.56
11. Heavenly Peach Banquet 3.31
12. Battle In Heaven 3.25
13. O Mi To Fu 0.57
14. Buddha’s Palm 1.17
15. Whisper 2.16
16. Tripitaka’s Curse 1.21
17. Confessions of a Pig 3.19
18. Sandy the River Demon 2.16
19. March of the Volunteers 1.48
20. The White Skeleton Demon 1.33
21. Monks Funeral 1.39
22. Monks Song 1.43
23. I Love Buddha 2.07
24. March of the Iron Army 2.41
25. Volcano 1.09
26. Pigsy in Space 2.16
27. Monkey Bee 5.01
28. Disappearing Volcano 6.09

Monkey Om Box track listing:

1. Battle In Heaven
2. Drums at the Station
3. The Heavenly Peach
4. Into the Sea
5. The Living Sea Introduction
6. March of the Iron Army
7. Desire
8. Monkey Bee 1
9. Monkey Bee 2
10. Pigsy In Space
11. Time Travel
12. Siren
13. O Mi To Fu