Bei Incubi 20

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Nick Rhodes

Bei Incubi 20


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The Vinyl Factory and TV Mania presented ‘Bei Incubi’ an exhibition of photographs by Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes.

The images are all of the same girl, taken on the same day. The shoot was initially planned to create album artwork for TV Mania’s new release ‘Bored of Prozac and the Internet?’  – a project that is based on a fictional, futuristic, dysfunctional family, living out their lives under the microscopic lens of a reality TV show.

Within this construct, the daughter, who is a flamboyant, extrovert character, obsessed with becoming famous at any cost, was the ideal subject upon which to base the session. As the day unfolded, Rhodes realized that he had created a broad spectrum of images with his chameleon subject that somehow collided to form the basis of this show.

* A3 Photographic Print
* Signed & numbered by Nick Rhodes
* Edition of 10
* Unframed

Bei Incubi showcased at The Vinyl Factory Chelsea from 8 March – 6 April 2013