Wolfgang Tillmans collects prints by 36 artists in aid of NYC’s queer nightlife scene



Featuring Nan Goldin, Raymond Pettibon, Marelen Dumas, and Mark Leckey.

Wolfgang Tillmans’ Between Bridges project has launched a new initiative, called Support Nightlife NYC, selling prints online to raise funds to support New York’s queer nightlife scene.

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With 36 artists contributing posters, the collection includes work by Nan Goldin, Wolfgang Tillmans, Mark Leckey, Andreas Gursky, Marlene Dumas, Anne Imhof, Raymond Pettibon and Ming Wong.

All profits from the sale will be distributed between NYC nightlife collectives and parties, with each group subsequently donating their portion to four people who have been badly hit by the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We believe that the queer nightlife scene is an essential part of NYC culture that not only provides a community for people who frequently might not have one otherwise, but also has for decades been an incubator for ideas and cultural trends which have inspired and influenced artists and musicians worldwide,” explains Support Nightlife NYC.

Alongside fundraising to help protect NYC’s queer nightlife scene, Tillman’s also recently launched his 2020Solidarity project to raise funds for cultural organisations and projects affected by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

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