Nigerian 'future soul' artist Wayne Snow questions "who is the real you?" on new album





Exploring our collective obsessions with masks and artifice.

Wayne Snow is releasing a new album, titled Figurine, via Roche Musique this September.

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Three years in the making, Figurine explores our collective obsessions with masks and artifice, as well as tapping into themes of rebirth and individuality.

Produced by Crayon, Figurine draws on elements of neo-soul, alt pop, r’n’b, “soultronica”, and jazz. The album also features contributions from guitarist Oscar Jerome.

It follows Snow’s Nothing Wrong remix EP, released on The Vinyl Factory.

Check out the tracklist below in advance of Figurine’s 24th September release.


1. Figurine
2. Silly Games
3. Faceless
4. Nina
5. FOM
6. Seventy
7. Number One
8. The Thrill
9. Relativity
10. Magnetic ft Oscar Jerome