Watch great documentary on Southsea’s unique record cafe “Pie & Vinyl”

Watch great documentary on Southsea’s unique record cafe “Pie & Vinyl”




Two influential and resurgent traditions united in one room.

Pie, like vinyl, has undergone somewhat of a renaissance of late. Although unlikely to hit the heights experienced in the Middle Ages which saw a partridge and peacock pie served at the coronation of eight year old King Henry VI in 1429, pie has weathered a period of health-risk soul-searching to reestablish itself on the Great British menu.

As has been made abundantly clear by this year’s Record Store Day in particular, a similar trend can be identified with vinyl records. Uniting the two on Britain’s south coast are pie-eyed dreamers Steve Courtnell and Rob Litchfield and escaping from the hype of the big city, the 405 dropped in on Pie & Vinyl in Southsea to talk soul food with one of the country’s most unique retailers. [via the 405]

Watch the 20 minute documentary below:

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