Watch Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby” played on a submerged turntable

Watch Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby” played on a submerged turntable




Aquatic disco.

Artist Evan Holm has created an installation called “Submerged Turntables” which plays vinyl records just below the surface of a dark pool of water. The result is a gorgeously eerie, subaquatic homage to the seminal disco dance track, creating an ominous liquid vortex in the pool as the record spins. [via Vinyl Of The Day]

Here’s what artist Evan Holm had to say about it:

There will be a time when all tracings of human culture will dissolve back into the soil under the slow crush of the unfolding universe. The pool, black and depthless, represents loss, represents mystery and represents the collective subconscious of the human race. By placing these records underneath the dark and obscure surface of the pool, I am enacting a small moment of remorse towards this loss. In the end however this is an optimistic sculpture, for just after that moment of submergence; tone, melody and ultimately song is pulled back out of the pool, past the veil of the subconscious, out from under the crush of time, and back into a living and breathing realm. When I perform with this sculpture, I am honoring and celebrating all the musicians, all the artists that have helped to build our human culture.

Need more? Holm’s 2011 work “Crystal Turntables” is just as fascinating, as the artist builds an organic environment in which a the bass reverberations in the cone of the speaker are connected to a pen and ink to draw a line that tracks the frequency of the recording and mimics the oscillations in the groove of the original record. Complicated, but highly rewarding. Check it out here.

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