UK vinyl album sales set for another record breaking year

UK vinyl album sales set for another record breaking year




2014 UK vinyl sales of albums have already exceeded their 2013 total, according to Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA). 

From January to September, 844,122 albums have been sold on vinyl in the UK compared to the 2013 total of  829,243. Final sale figures for 2014 are expected to easily surpass 1 million given three months of sales remain plus the seasonal effect on consumption as Christmas beckons.

“This is an extraordinary turnaround. Independent retailers were first to identify the untapped potential for vinyl and made it the focus of Record Store Day. With record labels now making more vinyl available, this trend shows no sign of abating” commented General Director of ERA Kim Baley.

Although vinyl is a minute proportion of total sales with CDs still responsible for 97% of psychical album sales, this news is part of an ongoing trend that points towards a buoyant and steady vinyl market. (via ERA)

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