Turntables predicted to be top-selling tech product for Christmas 2017



A record year.

Turntables are expected to be the top-selling technology product in the UK over the 2017 Christmas sales period, beating headphones and speakers for the number 1 spot, reports The Guardian.

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Though cheap all-in-one turntables, which can damage your records due to their high, fixed tracking force, have seemingly become ubiquitous, according to retailers people were increasingly investing in higher end models.

“Sales of turntables have been steadily rising over the past few years. But we’ve seen a 20% increase in sales of higher end turntables this year.” shares John Lewis’ head of communications technology buying Will Jones.

HMV is expecting to sell around 60,000 turntables this year, approximately 10,000 more units than in 2016.

The news follows the British Phonographic Industry’s recent update that over 4 million records are expected to be sold in the UK in 2017.

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