Thrift store floor collapses under weight of vinyl records




Their vinyl weighed a ton.

The second floor of a thrift store in San Diego has collapsed under the weight of a record collection. As reported by NBC, the mezzanine level was ‘overloaded’ with vinyl records, potentially causing the floor to collapse.

While no-one was hurt at the Hillcrest Thrift Trader when the floor caved overnight, the damage looks pretty significant, with records spilling out onto the street. As the reporter points out in a moment of inspiration: “Ironically they crashed down on some old CDs.”

You can find out more about the story here. Otherwise, it may be worth taking this as a sign to check how the ceiling beneath your collection is holding up.

There’s no denying the horror of having your collection suffer a catastrophe, as this library found out when their records were caught in a flood earlier this year.