This new vertical record player will play your vinyl with a remote control



Industrial designer Roy Harpaz has developed a vertical record player.

One for the visually rather than the tangibly inclined, Roy Harpaz’s new vertical turntable may not have the tactility of dropping the needle onto a record, but it does pack a load of different features and one of the cleanest designs around.

Named the ‘toc’, it employs a digital sensor and linear tracking system that allows you to skip between tracks with a remote control or via LED touch buttons on the walnut-wood front panel.

A nod to the short-lived ’80s craze for vertical players carried by Sony’s cult PS-F5 Flamingo, the toc is ready to play 12″s, 10″s and 7″s, and also boasts spherical bearings to play warped records without interference. [via Design Boom]

Check out some more images below:

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Images courtesy of Roy Harpaz.