This new book explores contemporary sound art practices



Aiming to move away from a focus on “white men from the global north.”

A new book exploring contemporary practices and theories of sound art, called Sound Arts Now, has been published by Uniformbooks.

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Formed of twenty interviews with artists and curators across 240 pages, authors Cathy Lane and Angus Carlyle aim to shine a light on contemporary artistic practices, sound art theories, and what both helps and hinders artistic and career progression.

Simultaneously aiming to move sound art away from the historic domain of “white men from the global north”, the book focuses on early to mid career artists from across the globe, including Evan Ifekoya, Elsa M’bala, Khaled Kaddal and more.

Sound Arts Now broadens and destabilises what we have come to understand as sound arts, offering new and different pathways, frames of reference, and modes of thinking,” shares the publisher.

Purchase a copy here, and check out the cover below.

Photo by: Simone Gilges