Studio Ghibli’s The Tale of the Princess Kaguya soundtrack gets first vinyl release





From legendary composer Joe Hisaishi.

The soundtrack to Studio Ghibli film The Tale of the Princess Kaguya is being released on vinyl for the first time, via Studio Ghibli Records this April.

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The Tale of the Princess Kaguya follows the journey of a young girl born inside of a bamboo shoot.

Its celestial music was composed by longtime Ghibli-collaborator Joe Hisaishi.

Hisaishi’s soundtrack was originally released on CD-only during 2013, with the Studio Ghibli Records release marking its first time on vinyl.

It follows the release of soundtracks to Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle on vinyl for the first time, in November 2020.

Pre-order The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya here in advance of its 23rd April release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Overture
2. Light
3. The Little Princess
4. The Joy of Living
5. The Sprout
6. Li’l Bamboo
7. Life
8. Mountain Hamlet
9. Robe
10. Setting Out
11. Autumn Harvest
12. Supple Bamboo
13. Writing Practice
14. The Garden of Life
15. The Banquet
16. Despair
17. The Coming of Spring
18. Melody of the Beautiful Koto
19. Spring Waltz
20. Memories of the Village
21. The Nobles’ Wild Ride
22. Devotion
23. Cicada Night
24. Mystery of the Moon
25. Sorrow
26. Fate
27. The City of the Moon
28. Going Home
29. Flying
30. The Procession of Celestial Beings I
31. The Parting
32. The Procession of Celestial Beings II
33. Moon
34. When I Remember This Life
35. Koto Melody
36. Nursery Rhyme
37. Song of the Heavenly Maiden