The Haxan Cloak’s eponymous debut finally released on vinyl




Infamously overdue, the drone outfit’s 2011 debut emerges on vinyl for the first time.

Alias of London-based artist Bobby Krlic, The Haxan Cloak’s occult self-titled debut has finally been given its dues on a secretive double LP gatefold edition, pressed on clear vinyl in a limited run of 300 copies. The record, which garnered critical acclaim at the time of release two years ago for its innovative blend of field recording, noise, electronica and even modern classical, is nothing short of a contemporary benchmark, with a gothic nod towards Sunn O))), Raime and Tim Hecker.

Released on Aurora Borealis, The Haxan Cloak is being made available in runs of 300 clear and 300 black vinyl, with various other bits and pieces (download codes etc) thrown in. Click here for more details.