Synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani releasing new live recording on limited quadrophonic vinyl



Captured at her first solo Buchla show in 40 years.

Electronic innovator, composer and multi-instrumentalist Suzanne Ciani is releasing a new album featuring her live quadrophonic Buchla synth recordings.

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Ciani’s Buchla 200e System performance took place during the Machines in Music synthesiser fair in NYC on the 8th of October 2016.

Unlike stereo sound, which is designed for a two speaker set-up (left and right), modern quadrophonic sound uses four channels, with speakers positioned in a square shape at each corner.

LIVE Quadraphonic LP includes a hardware decoder to decode two channels of audio from the vinyl disc back to the four-channel recording.

Head here for more info on Cianni’s  LIVE Quadrophonic LP.