Love On The Rocks celebrates 5 years with house, disco and acid compilation





“With the shared goal of sheer dance-floor bliss.”

DJ Paramida is releasing a new compilation, titled Supergau: 5 Years of Love On The Rocks, this November via her Love On The Rocks imprint.

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As well as working at Berlin’s OYE Records – one of our favourite record shops – and touring as a DJ, Paramida has spent the last five years developing her label.

With a title that translates as “a disaster beyond all expectations”, Supergau’s 16 tracks include Massimiliano Pagliara’s disco house tune ‘Cuddle Me Away’, and Herrmann Kristoffersen’s end-of-the-nighter ‘Idolon’.

Head here for more info in advance of its 15th of November release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


Supergau Pt. 1

Side A

1. Alex Kassian – Chopstick Romance
2. Daniela La Luz – Warszawa

Side B

1. Etbonz – Something To Dream About
2. Fantastic Man – I Love You Baby

Supergau Pt. 2

Side C

1. Warehouse Preservation Society – Loving Touch
2. Francis Inferno Orchestra – Drongo Bongo

Side D

1. P&D (Paramida & Dirk Leyers) – Deal

Supergau Pt. 3

Side E

1. ELLES – Squirtelle
2. Bartellow feat. Jonas Friedlich – Dogz Out
3. Kornél Kovács – Mindegy

Side F

1. Violet – Run Free
2. Eric Duncan – Quick Confused (Marcelas Edit)

Supergau Pt. 4

Side G

1. Ivan Berko – Joule Thief
2. Massimiliano Pagliara – Cuddle Me Away

Side H

1. Das Komplex – Fala
2. Herrmann Kristoffersen – Idolon