Listen to this exultant new vinyl-only soulful house mix





Because it’s Friday and things are looking up.

Fresh from announcing the free giveaway of 200 exclusive 12″s, Brighton-based house label Wolf Music have come on strong with a new selection of soulful house to soundtrack a particularly sweet day at the office.

Making the case for a music in their eyes unfairly overlooked in favour of instrumental dance music and disco, the label has gathered together some of the most righteous 12″s from 1994-2002, many of which are available for a pinch on the second hand market.

Listen in and read their intro below:

House encompasses many sub-genres and musical relations. We continue to draw inspiration from this melting pot, but like with all evolving scenes, some of its constituent parts have fallen in and out of fashion. The soulful side of house seems to be one of those sounds that isn’t getting the kudos and attention it deserves. The main players behind the sound are quite rightly regarded as legends – names like Masters at Work, Blaze, Frankie Feliciano, Tony Humphries, Spen, Kerri Chandler, etc – but we are always shocked by how many house heads spot-check records we thought everyone surely must know.

It made us think that perhaps there is a period of time that is full of amazing records that isn’t getting featured. Maybe they are too recently released to be considered rare and / or exciting, or maybe it’s the vocal element that has fallen out of favour. With this mix we have selected some of our favourites from the genre to show that there is a treasure trove of affordable records you need to own.


01. Michelle Ayers ‎– Respect (Def Dub) – Emotive Records – 1993
02. Abstract Truth – (We Had) A Thing (Matty’s Body & Soul Remix) – Streetwave Music – 1998
03. Naked Music NYC – If I Fall (Gabriel Rene’s Soul Soufflé) – Om Records – 2001
04. Andy Caldwell – I can’t Wait ((Marques’ Deep Sunday Vocal) – Inspirit Music – 2003
05. Floetry – Getting Late (DFA 12″ Mix) – Fall Out Records – 2003
06. Jill Scott ‎– The Interlude (Bush Remix) – White Label – 2003
07. Fertile Ground – Live In The Light (DJ Spinna Remix) – Giant Step Records – 2004
08. Soldiers Of Twilight – Believe (Extended) – Serial Records – 2002
09. David Bendeth – Feel The Real (Jazz-n-Groove Ultra Classic Mix) – Audio Deluxe – 2000
10. U.F.O – Flying Saucer (KOT Remix) – White Label – 2001
11. Gigolo Supreme – Invitation (Reminded Me) – Ricanstruction Records – 2004
12. Viola – Little Girl (Club Mix) – Nervous Records – 2001
13. Martha Wash – Carry On (Masters At Work Dub Mix) – RCA – 1992
14. Federation X – Odyssey (Club Mix) – Swing City – 1996
15. Kerri Chandler – Yellow – King Street Sounds – 2003
16. Ten City – My Peace Of Heaven (International Mix) – EastWest Records – 1992
17. Jaque – Love Will Save The Day (Union Square Lounge Solo Organ Mix) – Jellybean Soul – 2004
18. Total Eclipse – Come Together (T.M.V.S. Club Mix) – Sub-Urban – 1993
19. Lisa Stansfield – Set Your Loving Free (Kenlou 12″) – Arista – 1992
20. Nathan Haines – Right By Your Side (Restless Soul Aquarius Mix) – Chillifunk Records – 2002
21. Terri Walker – Ching Ching (Restless Soul Vocal Mix) – Def Soul – 2003

Wolf Music celebrates 8 years deep in the game at Mick’s Garage on Saturday 24th June. Get your tickets and exclusive free 12″ here.