Sony’s new Bluetooth party speaker has its own cup holders





It’s splashproof too.

Sony is gunning for the weirdest portable speaker of 2019 award with its new GTK-PG10 model, which features its own fold-out cup holders.

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If you’re as horrified as we are at the practicalities of putting beer on top of a Bluetooth speaker in a party situation, Sony says there’s no need to worry about spillages, “because the top panel is splash-proof and easy to clean”.

Unveiling the new model at CES 2019, other features of the $250 speaker include 13-hour battery life, FM radio tuner, carry handles, Bluetooth pairing for multiple devices simultaneously and a mounting hole for fitting it to a tripod. There’s even a microphone input for impromptu karaoke sessions.

The speaker also adapts its sound depending on what configuration it’s in. With the top panels closed, the tweeters face forward for “volume and clarity”. With the panels open, the tweeters face upwards, spreading the sound outwards for party situations. It also includes Sony’s DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology, which automatically adapts the speaker’s audio settings to optimise the sound for performance outdoors.

There’s no word on when the speaker will be available, but we’d expect it to start appearing at barbecues this summer.

Sony also announced the release of a new wireless turntable, the LX310BT.

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