Producer Shanti Celeste announces debut album





Featuring kalimba melodies recorded at her father’s home in Chile.

Shanti Celeste is releasing her debut album, Tangerine, via her own label Peach Discs this November.

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The new LP follows Shanti Celeste’s and Hodge’s dancefloor-orientated Soba Dance, also released on Peach Discs.

Tangerine moves through house hues – a lá her past releases – to more melodic tracks, featuring the kalimba, which is a westernised version of a Zimbabwean instrument called the Mbira.

Head here for more info ahead of 15th of November release and check out the tracklist below.


Side A

1. Infinitas
2. Sun Notification

Side B

1. Sesame
2. May The Day
3. Natura

Side C

1. Want
2. Voz (Instrumental)
3. Slow Wave

Side D

1. Aqua Block
2. Moons