Séance Centre releasing Museum of No Art’s self-titled album



“Not paintings, but visions. Not sculptures, but empty spaces full of potential.”

Séance Centre is releasing a new album by Museum of No Art, aka keyboardist and singer Mona Steinwidder, this July.

Across the album’s 9-tracks, Steinwidder traverses from bubbly synths to submerged soundscapes via wistful clarinet compositions.

Museum Of No Art “is a collection of days and moods, images and circumstances I experienced and immediately recorded in the last year,” explains Steinwidder.

It follows Séance Centre’s release of Jacques Charlier’s Kilwatch! 7″.

Head here to pre-order a copy in advance of Museum Of No Art’s 17th July release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. La Grotta
2. Fabulous Youth
3. Minimal Default on a Clear Blue Day
4. A Melting Tree
5. Form and Focus
6. Eternal Explorer
7. A Nameless Person Tries to Describe Herself
8. Three Years Later
9. Subconscious Message