This new exhibition celebrates sound system collective Spiral Tribe



A nomadic community who spanned France, Spain, Holland, Czechoslovakia, Berlin and Hungary.

A new exhibition by Seana Gavin called Spiral Baby, inspired by the legacy of Spiral Tribe – a sound system collective formed in 1990, has opened at Paris’ GaleriePCP.

Gavin was involved in the free party movement between 1993 and 2003, spending long periods travelling via mobile homes in convoys with the sound systems. During this time, she and her friends were living in nomadic communities, attending raves and parties across Europe.

The exhibit features her personal archive of flyers, diary entries and photographs that capture the events, journeys, characters and friends she met along the way.

Spiral Baby will take place at GaleriePCP, Paris from the 6th through 27th of July. Head here for more info, and check out some of the photos below.