Sainsbury’s to sell vinyl records



Sainsbury’s becomes the latest major supermarket to stock vinyl.

Following Tesco and Aldi into the vinyl game, Sainsbury’s has become the latest supermarket retailer to stock vinyl records, with plans to carry classic and contemporary releases across 171 of its stores.

From 21st March you’ll be able to pick up records at the chain for the first time since the ’80s, but with aisle space given over to Adele, Amy Winehouse and The Smiths among others, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to taste the difference in selection.

Keen to help fans engage with the format “on an emotional level”, Sainsbury’s Head of Music and Books said: “Vinyl is definitely experiencing a revival with demand growing stronger year on year… It is our aim to make the vinyl experience easy and pleasurable for our customers who are ready to re-engage with a format that resonates with them on an emotional level.” [via DIY]

Shocked and appalled? Don’t be. As Pete Paphides argues, supermarkets selling vinyl needn’t be all negative. After all, there are bigger fish to fry.