Kwes’ soundtrack for Rye Lane will be released on vinyl





Hear the lead single featuring Sampha and Tirzah now.

Kwes’ original score for Rye Lane will receive a vinyl release on November 3 via Warp.

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Raine Allen-Miller’s romantic comedy follows two 20-something Londoners, Dom (David Jonsson) and Yas (Vivian Oparah), through an impulsive and joyous day across Peckham.

Producer, composer and artist Kwes has previously worked with artists including Damon Albarn, Solange Knowles, Nubya Garcia, Black Coffee, Sampha, Tirzah and Selah Sue. Hear the soundtrack’s lead single “Open Up”, featuring Sampha and Tirzah, below.

“When it came to creating the score, I was particularly heavily leaning into the vibrant colour of the picture, the primarily fast, but differing paces of the film and script as a whole and of course South London, where it’s set,” explains Kwes.

“I was also thinking about late teenagehood/early adulthood and all its awkwardness and intensity of emotions. So it’s heavily syncopated in a lot of places, ramshackle but luxurious in texture. But then in parts it’s also very ethereal, detuned and dreamlike, particularly in moments where the bond between Yas and Dom starts to grow and grow. I’d describe the score overall like sour Fruit Pastilles or Haribo Tangfastics. Sweet, but not too sweet.”

You can pre-order Rye Lane on violet vinyl now.


1. Intro / Toilet
2. Mouths
3. Nathan Armstrong / Dom Buys Photo
4. Traffic Lights (Part 1 & 2)
5. Yas & Dom / Seesaw
6. Dom’s Flashback / Spilt Popcorn
7. Sweet Thing
8. Chemistry / Happy Dom
9. Rollerblades (Rye Lane Version)
10. Brockwell Park (Walled Garden)
11. I Haven’t Decided Yet / Skyline From Brockwell
12. Yas’ Flashback / Basic / Spilt Hummus
13. Mischief (Part 1 & 2)
14. BBQ Raid / What Have You Done? / Panic
15. Smooch / Moped
16. Jules Raid
17. Argue
18. Reminiscing
19. Fallout
20. LGOYH (Let Go Of Your Hurt) feat. Sampha & Tirzah
21. Moving Forward (Original Percussion Mix)
22. Wave At Boats
23. Open Up feat. Sampha & Tirzah