Rotel unveils upgraded amplifiers in its 14 and 15 series



With improvements to circuitry, components, and design elements.

Rotel is releasing upgraded versions of amplifiers from its 14 and 15 series — called A14MKII, RA-1572MKII and RA-1592MKII — this May.

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The A14MKII builds upon Rotel’s A14 amplifier, and includes a new Texas Instruments DAC, Bluetooth for wireless streaming, and a moving magnet phono stage.

The RA-1572MKII has been engineered from Rotel’s RA-1572 amplifier, with upgrades including a Texas Instruments DAC, and component changes promising to offer “audio with a wider, deeper soundstage”.

Described as the “flagship” amplifier in Rotel’s 15 series, the RA-1592MKII is capable of delivering 200 watts in 8 ohms and features 12 new coupling capacitors, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity for iOS devices.

All three amplifiers will ship in May, with the A14MKII retailing for £955, RA-1572MKII for £1,495, and RA-1592MKII for £2,195.