Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood reissuing debut soundtrack on vinyl





Previously only available on limited white label.

Jonny Greenwood’s Bodysong album has been remastered for a new reissue on vinyl, this May via XL Recordings.

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Originally released in 2003 as a soundtrack to a documentary about human life, it features brother and fellow Radiohead band member Colin on bass.

Since then, Jonny Greenwood has gone on to create a variety of original scores, most notably through a long-running collaboration with director Paul Thomas Anderson.

Greenwood created the award-winning music for Anderson’s Phantom Thread, as well as Inherent Vice, The Master and There Will Be Blood.

Pre-order a copy of the Bodysong LP ahead of its 18th May release, listen to ‘Moon Trills’ and check out the track list below.


Side A

A1. Moon Trills
A2. Moon Mall
A3. Trench
A4. Iron Swallow
A5. Clockwork Tin Soldiers
A6. Convergence
A7. Nudnik Headache

Side B

B1. Peartree
B2. Splitter
B3. Bode Radio / Glass Light / Broken Hearts
B4. 24 Hour Charleston
B5. Milky Drops From Heaven
B6. Tehellet