PSB unveils new generation of Synchrony speakers





In celebration of its 50th anniversary.

PSB has launched the next generation of its flagship Synchrony series of speakers, available across the world now.

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The series includes a pair of floorstanding speakers — called T800 and T600 — as well as a bookshelf speaker, the B600.

The largest speakers in the series, the T800s have a frequency response of 21- 23kHz (±3db), three 8” woofers, and a low-resonance MDF cabinet to help reduce vibrations.

The T600 features the same low-resonance cabinet alongside three 6.5” woofers, a 1” titanium dome tweeter, and a frequency response of 24-23kHz (±3db).

While the bookshelf B600 has the same titanium dome tweeter, it features only one 6.5” woofer, and has a frequency response of 50-20kHz (±3db).

All three models are available now, and retail for £9,999, £7,999, and £2,499, respectively.

Head to PSB’s website for the full specs.