Pro-Ject unveils new “flagship” phono stage pre-amplifier, the RS2



Designed for high-end setups.

Pro-Ject is releasing a new “flagship” phono stage pre-amplifier, called the Phono Box RS2, in early 2021.

The RS2 is fully balanced from input to output, to mitigate “all noise that could potentially be added along the transmission”, and uses plit passive RIAA and DECA equalisation.

The pre-amplifier has a range of between 40dB (voltage amplification by 100x) all the way up to 70dB (voltage amplification by 3690x), and is housed in a metal chassis to protect against interference.

Retailing at £1,299, The RS2 measures in at 206 x 72 x 200mm, and weighs 1.6kg.

Purchase the RS2 here in advance of its early 2021 release.