Paradise Garage and Larry Levan film, Larry’s Garage, is now streaming online



Featuring Keith Haring, Nicky Siano, Boy George, Barbara Tucker, Francois K, and more.

Larry’s Garage – a documentary that tells the story of Larry Levan and Paradise Garage – is now streaming online, via Amsterdam Dance Event.

The film brings together original and archival footage, alongside interviews with Keith Haring, Boy George, Nicky Siano, Francois K, Danny Krivit, Little Louie Vega, legendary Sex And The City costume designer Patricia Field, Barbara Tucker, and more.

It was born after director Corrado Rizza unearthed an unpublished interview with Levan from 1989. Subsequently gaining the rights to the interview, Rizza then set out to tell the story of Levan and the legendary Paradise Garage.

Head here to watch Larry’s Garage in full.

Photo: © Bill Bernstein, courtesy of David Hill Gallery