Little-known ’90s Cabo Verde synth sounds collected in Ostinato compilation



“A seductive electro-funaná carnival.”

Ostinato Records is releasing a new compilation featuring the music of Luxembourg-based Cape Verde group Pilon, this June.

Grupo Pilon: Leite Quente Funaná de Cabo Verde collects six tracks from the 3 albums that the quintet released in the ’90s, including two songs reissued by Ostinato on limited 7″ – ‘Rabés’ and ‘S’ta Contente’.

Mixing estilo kroulu drumming (creole rhythms) and ColaZouk (coladeira meets electric zouk) with synths and psychedelic guitars, the five piece band drew from their Cabo Verde heritage as well as their upbringing in Europe.

Grupo Pilon: Leite Quente Funaná de Cabo Verde follows Ostinato’s Synthesize the Soul compilation, featuring rare electronic music from the Cape Verde Islands during 1973 – 1988, as well as Two Niles To Sing A Melody: The Violins and Synths of Sudan – one of our favourite reissues of 2018.

Check out the cover art and tracklist below ahead of its 14th June release.


1. Longi Di Bo
2. Rabés
3. Txada Liton
4. S’ta Contente
5. Kanto Nstaba Nobu
6. Liberdadi