Nineties rave scene captured in new book by Seana Gavin, Spiralled



Bringing together 10 years of photography, flyers and ephemera.

A new photobook documenting the ’90s free party scene in Europe by Seana Gavin, titled Spiralled is being published by IDEA.

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Gavin became involved in the free party movement during the ’90s, travelling across the UK and Europe with sound systems – including Spiral Tribe – until the early 2000s.

Bringing together a decades worth of photography, flyers, ephemeral, diary entries and notes, Spiralled offers a glimpse into the inner workings and daily realities of this scene.

The book follows Gavin’s Spiral Baby exhibition at Paris’ GaleriePCP last year, which featured many of the same photos and items as the book.

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All photos courtesy of Seana Gavin, credit in order of appearance: Hekate sound system, Czech Tek 1999; Party in a quarry, near Brighton 2000; Tomahawk party, France 1999; Ben and Nina, Exodus rave, UK 1999; 2000/2001 New Year’s party, Badalona, Spain; Sacha dancing in the mist, Teknival near Barcelona 2003; Seana, Mariannenplatz site, Berlin 1996; Clothes line, site, Prague carpark, 1999; Cosmo, Narbonne ‘Beachnival’, France 2000; Sound system, Czech Tek 1998; Picnic break from A to B, Germany 2000.