Nils Frahm and F.S. Blumm releasing new collaborative album, 2X1=4





Exploring dubbed-out terrain.

Nils Frahm and F.S. Blumm are releasing a new collaborative album, called 2X1=4, via Frahm’s own LEITER label this September.

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2X1=4 began as a series of improvisations during 2016, with the pair later building on the recordings in Frahm’s studio.

Across the album’s seven tracks, Frahm and Blumm look to their shared love of dub, as well as ’80s drum machines.

2X1=4 follows Frahm’s surprise album Graz, released on Erased Tapes in March.

Pre-order 2X1=4 here in advance of its 3rd September release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Desert Mule
2. Presidential Tub
3. Puddle Drop
4. Buddy Hop
5. Sarah & Eve
6. Raw Chef
7. Neckrub

Photo by: Jerzy Wypych