New vinyl pressing plant to open in Australia

New vinyl pressing plant to open in Australia




Good news for Aussie indies.

Adelaide is to get its first vinyl pressing plant, with Roundabout Records promising to provide a “more boutique” service than the major alternatives.

Having sourced hardware from the heyday of HMV and a classic EMI desk, Roundabout are getting ready to set up shop pressing runs of 100-1000 records for local artists, with recording and mastering also offered in-house. The jewel in their crown? A super rare 1950s Neumann AM-32 cutting lathe nabbed from New Zealand’s old HMV Studios.

As Roundabout’s Colin Forster says: “I was the first one to get to Auckland… A guy jumped on a plane in Germany that night, and a guy jumped on a plane in America that night, and just because I got there first, I was pretty lucky.”

With 2015 vinyl sales up 30% in Australia on the previous year, Forster expects the plant to be open by winter. [via InDaily/Citymag]

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