Moog unveils new theremin, the Claravox Centennial



Celebrating the instrument’s 100th anniversary by bringing together its “past, present, and future.”

Moog is releasing a new theremin, the Claravox Centennial, to commemorate the instrument’s 100th anniversary.

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Lev Theremin designed his namesake instrument during 1920. One of the first electronic instruments, its widespread impact ultimately led Robert Moog to develop Moog’s modular synth.

Designed to celebrate “the theremin’s past, present, and future,” the Claravox Centennial features two switchable performances modes: ‘Traditional’ with classic, heterodyne analogue oscillators, and ‘Modern’ with multimode, DSP oscillators.

It takes its name from theremin virtuoso Clara Rockmore, who used the instrument to perform classical arrangements.

Shipping in December 2020, the Claravox Centennia will retail for £1,519.

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