This new portable bluetooth turntable lets you scratch on the go



For crate diggers and budding turntablists alike.

Hong Kong-based company HeadacheSound Electronics has unveiled a record player called OMNI that lets you practice scratching with your records.

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Crowdfunding via Kickstarter, the OMNI features a bluetooth receiver, built-in speaker and crossfaders, allowing you to scratch along to digital audio transmitted from a bluetooth-enabled device or your record. It also comes with a 7” containing a selection of samples to get your scratching started.

The turntable includes an Audio Technica ATN3600L cartridge, adjustable counter weight and tone arm, built-in phono stage (which can be bypassed via its RCA outputs) and adjustable EQ modes to sculpt the response of the in-built speaker.

Thanks to its USB power supply, OMNI can also serve as a useful accessory for crate diggers looking to play records on the move.

OMNI follows HeadacheSound’s flagship product, the GA1.1 guitar amplifier, which marries analogue and digital technology while also focusing on size and practicality.

Head here for more info and details on the OMNI turntable Kickstarter, which ends 27th February, and watch DJ Fu scratching with the turntable below.