This new exhibit explores dub reggae music and culture in London





Featuring a record shop and Channel One’s speaker stacks.

A new exhibition celebrating the legacy of dub reggae in London – called Dub London – is opening at the Museum of London this May.

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Dub London will explore both the musical and cultural impact of dub reggae over the past fifty years, spanning from its influence on drum and bass, garage and hip-hop, and pop, to other artistic and community-orientated realms.

Alongside imagery, audio and objects, Dub London  includes Channel One Sound System’s speaker stack, which has featured at London’s Notting Hill Carnival since 1983 as well as a record shop.

The record shop is curated by Papa Face of Dub Vendor Reggae Specialist, with selections from Supertone Records’ Wallabie Bryan, Pecking Records, People’s Sound Records and more.

“Reggae record shops are very significant because when people came to London through Windrush, the primary way of finding out what was happening back home was through music”, says Papa Face. “They were a meeting point, a place for social gatherings and a main part of the community back then”.

Dub London will run from the 8th of May to August 2020 at the Museum of London – open daily from 10am-6pm, at 150 London Wall, Barbican, London EC2Y 5HN.

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