This new book explores Ibiza’s club scene in the ’70s and ’80s



An intimate tour of the White Isle.

A new book exploring ’70s and ’80s Ibiza club culture, called Ibiza DJs 1976 – 1988, is being released by Test Pressing.

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Charting the development of Ibiza’s nightlife, the 48-page book includes archival photographs alongside interviews that delve into the island’s “hippy roots of counter-culture and acid house,” shares TP.

Interviewees include Amnesia’s DJ Alfredo & Leo Mas, DJ Carlos from Nito’s & Pacha, Cirillo from Amnesia, Pacha and Space, Joan Ribas from Pacha, Patrick Michaut of seminal after hours spot Glory’s and more.

Ibiza DJs 1976 – 1988 is the first instalment in a new print series from Test Pressing, dedicated to surveying music scenes, and the characters behind them, around the world.

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