A new audiophile bar and record shop has opened in Tokyo, called Studio Mule





From Mule Musiq’s Toshiya Kawasaki.

A new audiophile bar and record shop called Studio Mule has opened in Tokyo.

The sonic HQ was created by Mule Musiq’s Toshiya Kawasaki, who also runs a sub-label called Studio Mule.

Studio Mule’s space features vintage hi-fi alongside a small record shop and extensive wine collection.

“We’re going to open small ‘studio’ in Shibuya, Tokyo… ‘studio’ doesn’t mean music studio,” shares Kawasaki.

“It’s a small place to enjoy an eccentric elegant music with lovely vintage audio and real natural wine, craft liquor and beer.”

The space design is by one of the best designer in Japan, Koichi Futatsumata/case-real.”

Studio Mule is open 17.00-00.00, located at 3E 16-4 Kamiyamacho, Shibuyaku Tokyo

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