Mort Garson heads on a Journey To The Moon And Beyond with new compilation





To Moog and beyond.

Sacred Bones Records have compiled unheard and unreleased Mort Garson material for Journey To The Moon and Beyond, due for release next month.

The compilation is due on July 21 to celebrate the 54th anniversary of the moon landing and Garson’s 99th birthday the day prior.

First cut “Moon Journey” features music heard on Garson’s soundtrack for the live broadcast of the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, first heard on CBS News. Once presumed lost, audio archivist Andy Zax discovered the master recording in American poet Rod McKuen’s archive.

Listen to “Moon Journey” below.

Alongside Garson’s cosmic work, Journey To The Moon and Beyond also features unreleased and unheard material from the Patch Cord Productions archives. These include his soundtracks for Pat Rooney’s 1974 neo-noir blaxploitation film Black Eye and the 1970 National Geographic documentary “Zoos of the World”.

These sit alongside a trio of tracks labelled “Western Dragon” that were discovered with no further information on their intended use.

Mort Garson was best known as a pioneer of electronic music and being amongst the first to feature Moog synthesisers within his work during the 1960s and 1970s. Journey To The Moon And Beyond is the third Mort Garson reissue from Sacred Bones, following on from Mother Earth’s Plantasia and Music from Patch Cord Productions.

Mort Garson’s Journey To The Moon and Beyond is available for pre-order on deep space black, Mars red and “Moon” coloured vinyl ahead of its July 21 release.


1. Zoos Of The World
2. The Big Game Hunters See The Cheetah
3. Western Dragon (Pt.3)
4. Western Dragon (Pt.2)
5. Moon Journey
6. Music For Advertising #6
7. Black Eye (Main Theme)
8. Western Dragon (Pt.1)
9. Music For Advertising #7
10. Captain DJ Disco UFO (Pt.II)
11. Three TV IDs
12. Music For Advertising #8
13. Love Is A Garden
14. The D-Bee’s Cat Boogie
15. Black Eye (End Credits)