High-end turntable makers Mo-Fi debut ‘entry-level’ turntable



A lower priced alternative to its UltraDeck model.

American audio company MoFi Electronics has released a new belt-drive turntable called the StudioDeck, reports CNET.

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MoFi Electronics launched its turntable range in 2016, following over 50 years manufacturing records at its Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab studios.

Described by the company as “high-caliber sound at a value price”, the StudioDeck features a 10-inch aluminium tonearm, 300 RPM stepped-pulley AC motor, anti-vibration feet by HRS, and 3/4-inch Delrin polymer platter.

StudioDeck clocks in at 8.66 kg with a retail price of £995.

It follows MoFi’s 2016 UltraDeck model, which retails for £1,995.

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