MasterSounds unveils new new built-to-order speaker system





Manufactured by hand.

Manchester-based audio company MasterSounds has released its new CLARITY hi-fi speaker system.

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The CLARITY system comprises of a Cube 6 loudspeaker, PM 160 Power Module amplifier and SUB 8 passive subwoofer.

The Cube 6 features a six-inch driver, the SUB8 an eight-inch driver and the PM 160 delivers up to 320W RMS of power.

“Each of the three key elements that make up the CLARITY system has been expertly designed to integrate perfectly with one another”, notes MasterSounds’ founder Ryan Shaw.

Retailing at £4495, CLARITY is built-to-order in 2-3 weeks.

Best known for its turntable weights, and range of rotary mixers, MasterSounds recently launched a handmade two-valve compact DJ mixer, called the TWO VALVE.

Head here for more info, check out the design below.