The story of Martin Hannett’s studio collected in new book





Factory Records producer gets a retrospective.

A new A4 sized book looks at Martin Hannett and the equipment he used for producing sounds with Madchester-era bands like Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays and Stone Roses as well as Buzzcocks, Nico, Magazine and U2.

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Created by Chris Hewitt, the publication details Strawberry Studios, which was initially used by 10CC before being block booked by Factory and Hannett from 1979. Strawberry Studios celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in 2017.

There’s also a section on Hannett and Tosh Ryan’s Rabid Records and Absurd Records, two labels that are cited as a major influence on Factory boss Tony Wilson.

“The common thread running through Strawberry Studios operation, Factory Records operation, Martin Hannett and Tosh Ryan’s Rabid and Absurd Record labels operation, was that they all believed that bands and the music industry should not have to go off to London to record and put records out,” reads the press release.

“They believed in the bands from Greater Manchester towns as a force to be reckoned with and wanted to create a Manchester-based music industry.”

The book was originally as a companion to Chris Hewitt’s other book Martin Hannett – Pleasures of The Unknown and the film Martin Hannett – He wasn’t just the fifth member of Joy Division but expanded to include a history of Strawberry Studios and another section on Rabid and Absurd.

Martin Hannett – His Equipment and Strawberry Studios hits shelves on 23rd March.

Photos courtesy of Chris Hewitt